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Viktor Orbán

Viktor Orbán (1963, Alcsút-doboz), Prime Minister of Hungary in 1998–2002 and since May 2010, graduated in Law at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest in 1987. In 1983 as a student he was a founding member of Bibó College, a circle for the study of democratic politics. A year later, with his fellow students, he created Századvég, a journal of social sciences, and became one of its editors. In 1989–1990, he studied the history of British liberal political philosophy in Pembroke College, Oxford. In 1988 he was one of the founders of the Fidesz (Alliance of Young Democrats), one of the decisive parties of the Democratic opposition to the Communist system and one of the engines of the peaceful revolution of 1988–90. In summer 1989 he had a major role at the national Round Table Talks on Hungary’s  peaceful transition to democracy, and he gave a famous speech at the reburial of the martyrs of 1956 on heroes Square in Budapest, on June 16, 1989. In the mid-nineties several liberal figureheads left Fidesz as the party became a national centre right force with Orbán at the helm, and has remained so to this day. Orbán, a committed democrat, is a charismatic orator and a powerful political strategist.

23 December 2018
"We have gathered together today at this commemorative conference in order to pay tribute to József Antall, Hungary’s first freely elected prime minister after the fali of Communism. I am in a difficult situation: I am constrained by the conventions of public speaking, my time is limited, and I will be followed by outstanding speakers. Another trap facing me is that I am haunted by nostalgia: when József Antall entered office in 1990 I was 27, and today I am 55, so I have lived half my life in the post-József Antall era; when I remember him I am also looking back on my youthful self."

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