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Tony Abbott

TONY ABBOTT (London, 1957) is an Australian politician who served as a member of the Australian House of Representatives (1994–2019), leader of the Liberal Party of Australia (2009–15), and Prime Minister of Australia (2013–15). Abbott attended the University of Sydney, where he earned a B.A. in economics (1979) and a law degree (1981). He next studied at Oxford as a Rhodes scholar, earning an M.A. in politics and philosophy. Abbott, by then a regular contributor to the Australian newsweekly The Bulletin, became a full-time journalist. He wrote for The Australian, one of the country’s top-circulating news dailies. Having viewed Australia’s political system from both inside and out, Abbott successfully campaigned for a parliamentary seat of his own in 1994. When Liberal Party leader John Howard was elected prime minister in 1996, Abbott was appointed parliamentary secretary to the minister for employment, education, training, and youth affairs in the new government. He changed portfolios in 1998, becoming minister for employment services. Abbott was named minister for health and aging in 2003. In 2009 he was elected leader of the Liberal Party of India and the Leader of the Opposition. In the 2013 elections, Abbott led the Liberal-National Coalition to victory and was named the 28th Prime Minister of Australia on 18th September 2013. He is the author of three books: The Minimal Monarchy (1995), How to Win the Constitutional War (1997), and Battlelines (2009).

22 November 2019
"Australia and Hungary accept this – although unlike Hungary, Australia also has the world’s largest refugee programme, on a per capita basis, and since stopping the illegal migrant boats has actually increased its intake of refugees who come the right way. But most importantly, Australia and Hungary have not allowed rich-country guilt to obscure their duty to their own citizens to maintain strict control of their borders in order to keep their countries’ character."

11 September 2019
"In 1960, for instance, eight of the 20 most populous nations were in Europe. Today, just two of the top 20 largest countries are in Europe: they are Russia, that is dropped from the world’s fourth most populous nation to ninth; and Germany, that is dropped from seventh to seventeenth."

11 September 2019
"Just as Australia has shown the world how to protect a maritime border, Hungary has shown the world how to protect a land border – so between our two countries, there is no end of a lesson for Europe which has now been subject to what amounts to a peaceful invasion for about four years."

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