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Paweł Świeboda

Paweł Świeboda is President of demosEUROPA – Centre for European Strategy. Graduate of the London School of Economics and the University of London. He served as the EU Advisor to the President of Poland in the years 1996–2000. He then headed the Office for European Integration in the Chancellery of the President. In the years 2001–2006 he served as Director of the Department of the European Union in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he was responsible for EU accession negotiations and other major EU issues. Member of the Board of Directors of the Lisbon Council (Brussels), the Advisory Board of the European Policy Centre (Brussels), the European Steering Committee of Notre Europe (Paris) and the Advisory Board of the Baltic Development Forum (Copenhagen). Paweł Świeboda serves on the Aviva / Economist Intelligence Unit Future Prosperity Panel. He is a member of the Advisory Group which assists the Polish government in its preparations for the EU presidency in 2011, and currently chairs one of the four task forces in the Strategic Review of National Security. He writes a column on foreign policy in “Gazeta Wyborcza”, Poland’s largest daily.

Prospects for the Polish EU Presidency
25 July 2011

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