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Otto Hieronymi

OTTO HIERONYMI (Budapest, 1938), economist, is Professor of International Relations and former Head (1995–2006) of the International Relations and Migration and Refugee Studies Program at Webster University, Geneva. Between 1966 and 1970 he worked as an international economist at Morgan Guaranty Trust in New York. From 1970 to 1994 he was Senior Economist at Battelle Geneva Research Centers. He earned his Licence and Doctorate in international relations and economics at the Graduate Institute of International Relations (University of Geneva). He was Economic Adviser to Prime Minister József Antall (1990–1993) and member of different committees drafting the Bank Reform and the new strategy for growth (GAM – 1991–1992). In 1989 he became Secretary of the Expert Group on the International Debt issue appointed by the Swiss Federal Government. His publications include among others: Economic Policies for the New Hungary: Proposals for a Coherent Approach (1990 – the so-called “Battelle Report”); Globalization and the Reform of the International Banking and Monetary System (editor, 2009); Agenda for a New Monetary Reform” (1998); Global Challenges, the Atlantic Community and the Outlook for International Order (editor, 2004); Wilhelm Röpke, the Social Market Economy and Today’s Domestic and International Order (editor, 2002); The Spirit of Geneva in a Globalized World (editor, 2007); Renewing the Western Community: the Challenge for the EU, Europe and Japan (editor, 2016 forthcoming).

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