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Marcel Ferencz

MARCEL FERENCZ, DLA, (Miskolc, 1970). He studied at the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Budapest (TUB), graduated in 1997 and was awarded the Diploma Prize of the Faculty of Architecture, TUB for his diploma project. In 2007 he obtained his MA and DLA degrees at TUB. He has been a member of NAPUR Architect Office since 1993. His projects have been exhibited at several national and international venues. Between 2007 and 2010 he was the senior lecturer for the Department of Architecture at the University of Debrecen. His “Hunnish Bath” design was displayed on a separate board in 2002, at the 8th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice. Marcel Ferencz was awarded the Pro Architectura Prize in 2009 for the same building. Since 2012 he has been a member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts. In 2013 he received the prestigious Ybl Miklós Award. At present he is a professor at the Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering of Szent István University.

15 July 2019
"The most important external reference point was the memorial to the 1956 Revolution, which for me is a sacred place. I felt that I had no right to cover it up; I couldn’t interrupt its connection with the heavens. So, it was clear that we wouldn’t build over it, but around it, in a way that complements this sacrosanct space."

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