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János Horváth

JÁNOS HORVÁTH (Cece, Hungary, 1921) is an MP for Fidesz-MPP, and Doyen of the Hungarian Parliament. Distinguished Professor of Economics at Corvinus University, Budapest. He earned his PhD at Columbia University, New York. During 1943–1944 he was active in the Magyar Life Student Movement of the underground Hungarian Independence Movement against Nazi influence and the occupation. In 1945 he took roles in post- war reconstruction, was a Smallholders’ Party MP and served as Economic Advisor to Premier Ferenc Nagy. In 1947 he was imprisoned for four years in the Communist-staged “conspiracy against the Republic” trial. In the Revolution of 1956 he was President of the National Reconstruction Council. After the Soviet invasion he participated in Hungarian exile politics in Strasbourg, New York and Washington. He taught and wrote on economics in the US for 41 years, and returned to Hungary in 1997. Among other distinctions, he received the Truman-Reagan Medal and the Great Cross of Hungary.

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