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István Orosz

ISTVÁN OROSZ (Kecskemét, 1951), is one of the most versatile Hungarian graphic artists, and in 2011 he was awarded the Kossuth Prize, Hungary’s highest distinction for the arts. His graphic works are often related to postmodernism by archaic forms, art historical references, stylistic quotations, and playful self-reflection. He has created many famous posters; he makes animation films, and is preoccupied with the art and science of optical illusions and anamorphic design. He is also concerned with the ambiguities of spatial constructions. These interests led him to write his recent book on Hans Holbein’s famous The Ambassadors and the Pharaoh, which exhibits a mastery of prose style and psychology, and also includes his own consummate poems.

19 July 2017
"In a study published in 1881, Richter did venture the assumption that Leonardo converted to the Prophet’s faith. (...) He believed every word the artist wrote about his visits to Cyprus, Egypt, Mesopotamia and Armenia, all the way to witnessing the sky-high peaks of the Caucasus and the Taurus."

12 May 2016
"In vain would we prefer to behold beauty in our rhinoceros, or at least to appreciate its positive aspects, for the innocent beast somehow invariably ended up on the dark side as a symbol of terror. As early as in 1593, Cesare Ripa in his Iconology recommended a blind woman with the head of a rhinoceros as the most fitting allegory to represent fury. The French revolutionaries saw it as the emblem of absolutism; the rhinoceros Louis XVI kept at his palace in Versailles met the fate of his master shortly after he was executed."

14 May 2014
"Furtive about his work at the best of times, Leonardo now began to hide his notes and sketches, and stopped making new ones, apparently in the belief that his recently hired assistants were spies bent on stealing his ideas and smuggling them back to Germany."

Excrept from a Book - Text and drawings from István Orosz
14 May 2012

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