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Éva Eszter Szabó

ÉVA ESZTER SZABÓ, historian, Americanist and Latin Americanist, is assistant professor at the Department of American Studies, School of English and American Studies, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. Her courses and research have focused on inter-American relations, U.S. immigration history and immigration policies, and global migration issues in global politics. Her most significant work is entitled US Foreign and Immigration Policies in the Caribbean Basin (Savaria University Press, 2007). Her recent research targets the history and current developments of a growing US American diaspora, and border studies.

14 March 2019
"From the moment Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced the border fence onwards, US President Donald Trump and Orbán have often been compared with regards to their views on border security and migration. The parallels drawn between the two heads of state, one leading a global superpower and the other a regional small power, have marked a truly unprecedented moment of US–Hungarian relations."

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