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Enikő Bollobás

ENIKŐ BOLLOBÁS (Budapest, 1952) is Professor and Chair of the Department of American Studies, ELTE, Budapest. A Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Letters and Sciences (D.Litt./D.Sc.), she has published five books, including a monograph on the American poet Charles Olson (Twayne), a history of American literature (Osiris), a study on subjectivity in literature (Peter Lang), and last year a book on the tropes of performative subjectivity in American and Hungarian literature (Balassi). Bollobás has been visiting professor and invite speaker at various universities, including the University of Oregon, the University of Iowa, Yale, Berkeley, Stanford, Georgetown, UCSD and Cambridge University (England). Her opinion pieces appeared in The Washington Post and The International Herald Tribune, and were incorporated into the Congressional Record of the US Congress.

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15 September 2012

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1 March 2012

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18 November 2011

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