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Gyula Kodolányi talks to Nóra Szekér

Crisis and Ascent – The Days of the 1990 Taxi Blockade

"The MDF knew that Hungarian political tradition – despite our history of revolutions – was instinctively moderate, veering to the centre to find solutions. The taxi blockade, like all great dramas, came with catharsis."


John Harmon McElroy

Speaking of "Eastern Europe"

"But who freed the colonies the Soviets established in Central Europe? It was not the United States. The peoples of Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and East Germany did that. They freed themselves by insisting on their natural right to freedom and by fearlessly telling the truth about communism."


Barbara Piazza-Georgi

Living Our Values, Preserving Our Values: Hungary’s Response to the 2015 European Migrant Crisis – Part II

"Hungary never meant the fence to prevent refugees from entering the country: from the beginning, designated crossing points were planned, where travellers without documentation could immediately state their intention to seek asylum."


Gerald Frost

Correcting an Error of Historic Magnitude – Why Britain May Be Heading for the EU Exit

"What this means in practice is that Britain would reach a similar agreement to those signed up to by the members of the European Free Trade Area – Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein – with which the EU shares the Single Market."


László Trócsányi

Gaullism and Europe

"De Gaulle’s important message to us today is that we need not be afraid of the people. De Gaulle looked to the people, rather than the party representatives sitting in Parliament, as the supreme power capable of giving him legitimacy."


John O’Sullivan

Generals and Professors

"Marshal Foch once remarked of the graduates of France’s Saint-Cyr military academy: “They know everything. Unfortunately they don’t know anything else.” We can be fairly certain this was not meant as praise."


Anna Porter

George Jonas

"In one of his last columns he said that a country 'cannot accept foreign countries imposing an immigration model on it that would dramatically change its cultural composition'."


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