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George Gömöri

A Pact That Started World War II

"It is still hard to erase the memory of the German–Soviet Pact. Once again it is in the news as ex-KGB officer Vladimir Putin’s increasingly ultra-nationalistic sabre-rattling grabs the headlines. Only recently Putin was asked what he thought of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact. He replied with a shrug: “it was not so bad”. After all, (at the cost of millions of human lives), it allowed the Soviet Union to expand its territory almost back to the borders of Tsarist Russia in 1914."


Nicholas T. Parsons

A Footnote To The British Election Of May 7th, 2015

"I cannot resist making a few comparisons with Hungary’s recent election by way of conclusion. The Labour leader, rather a decent man, rang Prime Minister David Cameron as soon as the result was clear and congratulated him on his win. In 2014, when Fidesz won a second two-thirds majority in Hungary in an OSCE monitored election, the leader of the Hungarian Socialists pointedly refused to congratulate Viktor Orbán."


E. Sylvester Vizi talks to Éva Eszter Szabó

The Bridge Connecting Science, Public Affairs and National Image

"The great nations, the great powers, confer greatness upon their sons. With small nations, the reverse is true: they achieve greatness owing to the efforts of their sons. I have always regarded performance and creativity as my highest ambitions, and learned that there is nothing more important than creating value."


Tamás Magyarics

An Unsentimental Look at the Geopolitics of Central Europe – Part 2.

"Arguably the strongest argument against bilateralising US–European relations is that such a policy may play into the hands of the Russians. If a strong Atlantic community is one of Russia’s strategic nightmares, so is an EU–Russia rapprochement for the Americans. In a broader and historical context, arguably the major geopolitical goal of the US is to prevent the emergence of a strong Eurasian competitor which would challenge American positions globally."


John O’Sullivan

Editorial Note

"And, finally, strategy? In the second of two coolly realistic appreciations of Central Europe’s place in the new geo-politics, Tamás Magyarics offers the prudent advice that if Hungary and its neighbours want to combine national sovereignty with the advantages of European Union membership, they should probably aim for a more decentralised EU in a wider Atlanticist setting."


Bill Martin

The Day the Russians Came

"... we could see only black silhouettes against the bright sky. That sight is still vivid in my memory. Some of the soldiers descended the wide stairs, weapons at the ready. All we could understand was “Ghermansky?”, which they repeated over and over again. They searched the cellar but harmed no one, except for collecting any wrist – and pocket – watches they could find. Watches were an obsession with Russian soldiers, some of them were seen with wrist watches up to the elbow and above on both arms."


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