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PREVIEW FROM OUR NEXT ISSUE: Viivi Luik - Various States of Lies

"Truth and lies could always be distinguished because man knew he was mortal and was aware that death was inevitable. In the past, lies were sins, and you had to account for them at the hour of your death. Now lies constitute reality, man’s subconscious and irresponsible state. Or just another form of entertainment. However, man is still mortal and still cannot escape death. So that behind the new lies there is still truth, the same old immutable truth."


John O’Sullivan

The New Utopia and the Migrants

"Chancellor Merkel and those who think like her almost certainly imagined this process as a gradual, peaceful, culturally enriching and socially accepting one. ... they did little thinking about how to integrate large numbers of people from pre-modrn backgrounds...But it is early days and Utopia never falls without a fight."


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