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Otto Hieronymi

Globalisation, Economic and Social Order; Human Rights and Humanitarian Action – Part I

"…the cumulative effect of the Afghan, Iraqi and Syrian disintegration could be the most severe crisis faced by the international refugee regime since its creation in the early 1950s. The consequences of the de facto or de jure end of the international refugee protection regime (imperfect as it is) would be devastating not only for current and future refugees, but also for the actual and potential asylum countries and for the long-term self-respect of their nations."


Norman Stone

Notes on the Modernisation of Turkey – The Hungarian Contribution

"…the role of Hungarians in the making of Turkey […] is not easy to judge, but their influence is probably greater than that of any other European nation, starting with the Transylvanian who designed the great gun that was used against the walls of Constantinople in 1453, proceeding through the printing press and on to the recording by Bartók of Anatolian folk music in 1937."


Csaba Lévai

"The Tokay is much more superior to what you sent me last year under that name" – Thomas Jefferson and His Hungarian Wines

"The Hungarian wines were really high priced even for Jefferson, who spent more than 8,000 dollars on wine during just his first term as president. The Hungarian wines represented some 6% of his total wine expenditures: he purchased them at the highest price per bottle he ever paid for wine."


István Domonkos


"Rudderless (1971) is one of the truly great Hungarian poems written by my generation. Yet, it is hardly known either in Hungary or internationally. [...] We are proud to re-print Owen Good’s excellent version now in the Hungarian Review – the most powerful record ever of a linguistically homeless existence, whether as a member of an ethnic minority or as an immigrant."


John O’Sullivan

Crossing the Frontier

"Unless these migration flows are reduced, halted, or even reversed, Europe risks becoming a truly different place, a fully borderless society, lacking not only national borders but also unifying national cultures, where the unifying European culture is not to permit one. It would be at best a marketplace, at worst a Lebanon or series of Lebanons."


Erich Weede

Mass Immigration: Cost or Benefit?

"…the generosity of state benefits for refugees makes claiming asylum in Germany much more attractive than claiming it elsewhere. Benefits are more than 50% higher in Germany than in Britain or Sweden, more than four times as high as in Hungary. In spite of bigger numbers of immigrants, German voters so far did not protest as much against mass immigration as did British or French voters. Possibly, Germans feel better than other Europeans because we have suffered less than others since the crisis of 2008."


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