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Enikő Bollobás

Everyday Communism - On Life, Books and Women in Communist Hungary

"Informers hired by the secret police received their last pay cheques in 1990; in Hungary it was in May 1990, after the historic elections, right before the new government took office. By this time, administration officials, especially in the “sensitive” branches and closer to the 'inner party', would have had the opportunity to destroy evidence relating to their past – and come out with a clean slate."


Nicholas T. Parsons

(Com)passionate Contrarian - The Polemics of Pascal Bruckner

"Bruckner has denounced the consequences of multicultural policies that refrain from demanding a minimum level of integration from settlers, thus creating political, religious and social ghettoes that are segregated from mainstream society. Ironically this situation means that many of those immigrants who actually wish to escape from the claustrophobic and authoritarian confines of a highly conservative culture remain imprisoned in it (...)"


Christie Davies

Why Are We Ruled by Short-Sighted Men with a Good Head of Hair?

"Since the advent of television bald politicians have vanished from the arena. No American President has been seriously bald since Eisenhower and no elected British Prime Minister since Churchill. Today bald men of outstanding ability such as they always lose out to those who look good on television even if they are dim-wits. Appearance is everything."


Tamás Magyarics

An Unsentimental Look at the Geopolitics of Central Europe Part 1.

" (...) that the historians and political scientists of the “realist” school in the US, among others Henry A. Kissinger, George F. Kennan, John Lewis Gaddis, etc., also opposed the incorporation of Central and East European countries into the Alliance very much with the same balance of power arguments as the Russians. They argued that the US would unnecessarily assume new security commitments where it did not have any vital interests and fall into the trap of 'imperial overstretch'..."


Péter Ákos Bod

A Revival of European Economic Science

"One would imagine that there has been a lot of soul-searching in the economic profession after the eruption of the most recent, and surprisingly deep, economic and financial crisis of 2007–2009. Certainly much has been written on the state of modern economics and on the validity of the advice offered by economists. Yet the economics mainstream does not seem to have been on the retreat. Crisis? What crisis? – has been the reaction of many leading personalities of the profession."


László Trócsányi

Detoxication Through Law - The Orbán Government's Solution for the Mortgage Crisis

"(In 200) the Swiss franc became a currency in flight. As the cross rate continued to sink, the forint lost two-thirds of its value against the Helvetian currency, causing regular loan payments to rise dramatically, sometimes as high as double the original amount. In addition, the banks applied a bid-ask spread, accounting loan disbursements at the asking rate while accounting incoming payments at the bid rate of the foreign currency."


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