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John O’Sullivan

Hungary and Europe Under Siege

"The European Union presents itself as an organisation able to solve these “global” problems that are supposedly beyond the capacity of any single national government to handle. In fact the EU has helped to create this problem, and its attempts to solve it seem likely to make it worse. By creating a borderless Europe internally before establishing secure European borders externally, it told potential migrants that once on European soil, they could travel anywhere with little hindrance."


Norman Stone

Being Right at the Wrong Moment: Robert Conquest

"Neither Vladimir Bukovski nor Leszek Kołakowski figured on the guest list for the seminars of St Antony’s College, Oxford, and Conquest’s book on the great famine was not ordered for its library. By contrast, Polish and Hungarian economists would appear in shiny brown suits, lecturing, beards waggling, on possibilities of market development under socialism, be effusively thanked for their “thought-provoking” remarks, and be discovered subsequently spending their expenses on female underwear in Marks and Spencer."


Péter Ákos Bod

A World of Peripheries

"The Greek financial case is certainly extreme in its complexities but there have been other Eurozone members – the Irish, the Portuguese and the Spanish – experiencing dramatic economic events in recent years: economic prosperity first, followed by serious financial difficulties, necessitating international support schemes."


Gyula Kodolányi talks to Hungarian Review

May 1990: József Antall Launches His Government – A Hungarian Review Interview – Part II

"[Antall] knew and accepted that he might well die in the course of fulfilling his chosen destiny. This knowledge seems to have marshalled remarkable reserves of strength in him: for three years, he had a perfect command even during the different phases – some better, some worse – of his battle with cancer."


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