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Mihály Nagy

Lifting the Curse on the Sevso Treasure – Part 1.

"So if the Sevso Treasure is 'cursed', as often been claimed, it is because of the lack, or more precisely the withholding of information. When the complete archaeological record of the Sevso Treasure becomes accessible, the curse will evaporate. Probably not all data is lost, and the treasure’s context could be at least partially reconstructed."


János Horváth

The Student Resistance Movement, 1943–1945

"We often met in a bookstore on Múzeum Boulevard. It was also here that I met Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who coordinated a network involved in saving Budapest Jews from the Nazis. Occasionally I supplied him with military documents issued for names he specified."


Ryszard Legutko

Our New Utopia – Excerpt from Triumph of the Common Man

"Restless acting and reacting, amending and modifying, initiating and taking over, responding to new challenges and challenging others, all these have been perceived by the politicians, the society and the media as the proper conduct according to which the men of politics have been evaluated."


George Schöpflin

The New EU, or Is It?

"The hard reality is that there are now sizeable forces on both the far-left and the far-right of Parliament. These either oppose integration in its entirety, or seek to claw back powers transferred to Brussels..."


Gerald Frost

End of a Lull? – European Deterrence in the Putin Era

"It would seem that while Putin’s understanding of power enables Russia to punch above its weight, Obama’s poor understanding of power ensures that America punches below its."


John O’Sullivan

Culture and the Flag

"If a nation is a daily plebiscite, an imagined community, then patriotic nationalism needs to be respected and valued. Once it no longer appeals to the hearts of the people, it ceases to be a vital political support for the institutions and coherence of the state."


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